BSB Partners with Investment Servicer

You asked for it, and we now have it. Bath State Bank has partnered with investment servicer HeritagePoint Financial Group. HeritagePoint Financial Group is an insurance and financial services agency that utilizes a distinct macro-economic process with its clients. This nontraditional approach helps HeritagePoint Financial Group understand your goals, which then forms the foundation for a personalized road map that helps balance growth potential with the reduction of risk for your future.

HeritagePoint Financial Group offers a wide variety of financial products and services to provide these economic strategies for its clients, who include individuals, families and business owners. Our partners offer retirement strategies and potential care costs too.

As a general agency with the companies of OneAmerica, HeritagePoint Financial Group is proud of its reputation for helping clients create possibilities in their lives. The experienced and knowledgeable professionals provide a "hands on" approach to financial guidance. HeritagePoint Financial Group can help you keep focused on where you want to go, guide you on how you can get there, and continually remind you of the importance of maintaining a disciplined approach to realizing your goals.

For more information, visit our “Investment Services” tab or contact our representatives Wes and Isaac at 937-336-5065. Although their offices are located in Eaton and Winchester, they can meet you at the Bank or at a location of your choice.

Services regarding HeritagePoint Financial Group: Not a deposit. Not FDIC-insured. Not guaranteed by the Bank or any affiliate of the Bank. May go down in value.