Internet Explorer Browser to Sunset

Do you use Internet Explorer as your browser? If so, Microsoft announced that it will pull the plug on its pioneer internet browser next year. By retiring it in favor of Microsoft Edge, Microsoft stated that Edge provides increased compatibility with modern websites, more powerful privacy and security controls, and a new streamlined browsing experience.

When it comes to web browsers, the market has other offerings besides Edge. Google Chrome is the most popular due to its speed. It’s a fast browser. It opens quickly and loads multiple tabs and pages in just one click. Chrome’s simplicity and ease-of-use contributes to its reputation as one of the internet’s most popular browsers. 

There is also Mozilla Firefox. If you don’t like Chrome because it’s a Google based product, this is an option. Firefox consumes less RAM than Chrome and is faster than its previous versions, but currently there’s one issue with Firefox – it drains the battery very quickly. Hence, if you’re on a laptop watching HD videos, it’s best to use Edge instead of Firefox because Firefox will eat up that battery in no time. But, unlike Chrome, Firefox is a dedicated browser. 

Opera is another popular name in the browser industry. While it has several attractive features such as an inbuilt ad-blocker, it generally stays behind the two most popular browsers. 

Apple Safari is a simple and clean browser with several features that make it a popular choice. It offers all the basic functionalities – the ability to open multiple tabs, easy bookmarking and fast speeds. According to reports, while Safari is mostly used on Mac, it can also be used on a PC. While used on PC, Safari will be like just any other browser. If Safari is used on a Mac and or an iPhone, there is cross-platform compatibility between both devices.

Don’t get caught in using Internet Explorer for too much longer. Security measures with Bank by Mouse will no longer be supported through IE.
Web browsers can take you anywhere on the internet; they let you see text, images, and video from anywhere in the world. Make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest technology which tends to offer stronger security features.